A Conflict of Fineness and Stability: Platinum- and Palladium-Based Bulk Metallic Glasses for Jewellery: Part II

Processing, tarnish resistance and future developments

The properties and glass-forming ability (GFA) of platinum- and palladium-based bulk metallic glasses (BMGs) for jewellery were introduced in Part I (https://www.ssc.ch/actualites/article/a-conflict-of-fineness-and-stability-platinum-and-palladium-based-bulk-metallic-glasses-for-jewellery/) of this two-part review. Here, we will describe methods for their processing, tarnishing and corrosion resistance and consider their prospects and future developments.

Source : Johnson Matthey Technology Review

Link: https://www.technology.matthey.com/article/65/4/519-534/

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