Consolidation and mechanical properties of ZrCu39.85Y2.37Al1.8 bulk metallic glass obtained from gas-atomized powders by spark plasma sintering

This manuscript proposes subjecting gas-atomized powders of ZrCu39.85Y2.37Al1.8 metallic glass to spark plasma sintering (SPS). This bulk metallic glass (BMG) sinters at a temperature between its crystallization (Tx) and glass transition (Tg) temperatures, found to be 457 °C and 368 °C, respectively, via Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC). Several samples were sintered at different temperatures within the mentioned range (380, 390, 400, 415 and 430 °C). Experimental results confirmed successful sintering of the BMG by SPS at 390 °C and a pressure of 35 MPa. Fully amorphous compacts with almost 100% relative density were sintered at this temperature, reaching Young's modulus, Vickers hardness and compression strength values of 64.7 GPa, 396 HV0.3 and 1174 MPa, respectively. Sintering at higher temperatures involved crystallization of the sample. Results suggest that ZrCu39.85Y2.37Al1.8 metallic glass fabricated by SPS is a promising material for applications in different sectors, particularly jewelry, due to the wear resistance conferred by its hardness.

Source : Intermetallics

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