Creative, entrepreneurial, and branding strategy for a novel jewellery line

Jewellery is considered to be the epitome of beauty and luster. Thousands of years ago, man  was creating unique jewel pieces, on the basis of ornamentation of the body, demonstration of social status and expression of socio-economic and cultural aspects of their life. Forms depicting nature, scarce or everyday materials, processing methods and fabrication techniques of the past, are still in practice today, and if combined with contemporary jewellery practices, the results resent opportunities for design innovation.

Technology-enhanced jewellery is entering the market, gaining market share and positioning themselves next to widely-known branded enterprises. The Millennials seem to respond positively to this technological call, showing interest towards augmented jewellery pieces that offer enhanced features when compared to mere adornments. This new era encourages innovative concepts and searches for the features and the ways that will become a game changer within the jewellery industry. 

A new research by Aikaterini-Despoina Mavromoustakakiis from the International Hellenic University, School of Economics, Business Administration and Legal Studies, is looking for innovation in all sectors involved in the creation of jewellery, from its history and the trends, to the designing process and the technology that affects parts of the design. Smart jewellery is a wearable with a more aesthetic and quality taste, pairing with technological tools, to please the discerning and demanding user of today.

The publication is investigating the challenges and opportunities in the market by introducing innovative and creative concepts in contemporary jewellery design. It brings a literature review, observations from and interviews with experts in the field, and is completed with the generation of three concepts that explore innovation through original design.

Source: International Hellenic University, School Of Economics, Business Administration And Legal Studies

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