Damping properties of innovative NiTi elements: development of proof of concept and demonstrators

Thanks to their functional properties, NiTi and NiTi-based shape memory alloys (SMAs) exhibit both pseudo-elastic and intrinsic damping ability finding applications in several fields. The use of these alloys in damping devices or systems allows the attenuation of different kinds of vibration such as noise or more intense oscillations. In this work, the damping behaviour of different NiTi semifinished products has been evaluated by means of dynamic thermomechanical measurements in order to have a preliminary indication for the integration of these SMA elements in damper demonstrators. The evolution of the internal friction parameter with respect to temperature, frequency and strain extent is evaluated. Moreover, some possible demonstrators' concepts, i.e. a cladding panel, some dampers and a shock absorber, are proposed and characterized. The investigated SMA elements are a plain-woven mesh made of NiTi and steel thin wires, wave-shaped NiTi ribbons and NiTi single-turn wave springs. The elements have been thermally treated in order to achieve the required shapes and thermomechanical conditions. The perspectives and potential of these semifinished products in the field of damper devices are investigated by a preliminary characterization and discussed.

Source: Smart Materials and Structures

Link: https://iopscience.iop.org/article/10.1088/1361-665X/ac13b2

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