Fabrication of void-free submillimeter-scale nickel component by bottom-up electrodeposition

This study proposed and demonstrated the feasibility of adopting metallization method of bottom-up Damascene process (seed layer over entire patterned surface) in LIGA electrodeposition process to fabricate void-free submilimeter scale metallic components. Single additive (PEG of molecular weight, Mw 10,000) rather than complicated mixture of multiple additives is studied in order to simplify the additives concentration monitoring process. Hydrodynamic flow pattern and concentration distribution of additive in the electrolyte flowing across trenches of various aspect ratio were studied by using fluid kinetics simulation. Simulation results showed the shear flow of the agitated electrolyte across the top surface caused the formation of a concentration gradient of inhibitor (PEG) within the cavity, in which the concentration of inhibitor at the top surface was consistently maintained at a higher level as compared to the bottom part of cavity. The studies on the influence of PEG concentration on electrodeposition profile showed a relatively low concentration of 10 ppm has exhibited a remarkable difference in the electrodeposition rate at the top and inner surfaces of submillimeter cavity (bottom-up electrodeposition) which subsequently eliminated the formation of void/seam-like defects associated with conventional electrodeposition. Underfilling issue was identified and a two-step electrodeposition method was proposed to mitigate the underfilling effect. Nickel component electrodeposited by PEG-added electrolyte shows higher Vickers hardness of approximately 20% as compared to additive-free sample. Flat and thin surface layer that has been electrodeposited using this technique suggested a low risk of parts' peel-off. This resulted in the simplified process of surface polishing, planarization and demolding. This approach provides an insight into fabrication techniques for void-free multilayer, millimeter-scaled components like watch parts.

Source: Journal of Physics Communications

Link: https://iopscience.iop.org/article/10.1088/2399-6528/abdc4f

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