Global Watch Innovation And Technology Review – 2017 Edition

In 2016, the worldwide watch industry has created and filed a substantial number of innovations in mechanical watches, exterior parts, as well as electronic and connected components. The actors in these fields are as numerous as the topics of invention.

It is not easy for the industry players to keep an overview of what is going on and to deduce a compelling strategic vision. We therefore publish, ahead of Baselworld, a Global Watch Innovation And Technology Review highlighting the key development trends.

The report covers the inventions published in the following countries: Germany, France, the UK, Switzerland, USA, and via the European Patent Office (EPO) and World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO).

The 2017 Edition of the Global Watch Innovation And Technology Review highlights 5 key facts about inventions and new products and processes in the watch industry.

1. The number of inventions has continued to grow throughout 2016, despite of the difficult market environment

2. The Swatch Group remains leader in the field of “classical” watch innovation

3. Electronic watches are at the top of the innovations filed

4. New actors in electronics and connected watches are arriving in force

5. Switzerland remains the strongest place for “classical” watch innovation

Source: CENTREDOCBusiness Intelligence & Technology Monitoring