Google Might Release a Pixel-Branded Smartwatch as Android Flagship Watch

There may be lots of Android watches to choose from but there is no Android flagship watch that is currently available in the market. Google might want to take advantage of the current situation and is planning to release a Pixel-branded smartwatch for the next-level Android Wear experience.

What a Pixel Watch Should Be Like

Although Google won't confirm the existence of a Pixel-branded smartwatch, several speculations suggest that the search giant is on its way to release their Android flagship watch which is currently not being filled in the market today. Now that Motorola's former head Rick Osterloh is working with Google, CNET reported that the search giant's hardware team focus is to build new products including the Pixel-branded smartwatch.

Furthermore, the same publication suggests that a Pixel watch should be a device that would consolidate all the useful functionalities of a smartwatch and incorporate them in a competitive design. Although the GPS could be optional, features like Android Pay, Home and Phone integration as well as longer battery life should be present.

Moreover, Google should also invest time at enhancing the apps integrated in Pixel watch and come up with better physical features such as retaining the usual side crown button found in the newest Android Wear 2.0 wearables from LG. In this manner, chances are high for Google to outsell the increasing number of sales from the most-lovable smartwatch in the market, the Apple Watch.

Android Wear 2.0 Smartwatches are Mediocre

The latest Android Wear 2.0 smartwatches from LG are reportedly mediocre and the type that one wouldn't want to wear. However, despite its mediocrity, Google partners like Sony and Huawei are still on the verge to release their own Android Wear 2.0-operated smartwatches this year.

While Google is firm in saying that they are not thinking of coming up with a Pixel-branded smartwatch this year, Android Headlines reported that the search giant is not closing its door from the idea. In fact, the Google's Vice President of Engineering for Android Wear David Singleton said that while it's important for Google to work closely with partners just like what they did with Nexus phones, Pixel-branded smartwatch is possible in the coming years.

Source: University Herald

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