New alloy for magnetic-resistant hairsprings

Rob Corder, Watchpro -

A new alloy for magnetic-resistant hairsprings has been developped that claims to increase reliability, accuracy and power reserve times for the movements that use it.

The hairspring is described as shock resistant and paramagnetic. It will be integrated for the first time in a special edition watch in a limited edition of 10 pieces.

These watches will undergo a series of tests to confirm the chronometric performance of this escapement of the future.

An alloy of niobium and titanium, the new magnetic-resistant hairspring has desirable characteristics for the regulating organs of mechanical watches.

As a paramagnetic material, it is extremely resilient and has such elastic properties that a hairspring made from this alloy is not affected by impacts, the inventor claims.

The new hairspring is an alternative to silicon, which is also non-magnetic and shock resistant, with the disadvantage of not allowing any adjustments. Niobium-titanium, in contrast, can be adjusted by the watchmaker to optimise the watch’s performance if necessary.

There are only a few manufacturers capable of producing paramagnetic escapements, a major advantage in the Swiss watch industry.