Social networks: a new medium for expressing the infinite time of luxury brands

• Research objectives

While luxury is anchored in the past and aims to reach eternity or immortality, social networks refer to an ephemeral time, deeply rooted in the present. The objective of this article is to study to what extent social networks can, beyond this apparent opposition, become a new medium of expression allowing luxury brands to gain eternal or immortal status.

• Methodology

Based on research carried out on the notion of paradox and using the analytical framework of temporality in philosophy and historicity regimes, this research proposes a structural semiotic study of Instagram communications and press advertisements of four fine watch brands.

• Results

We show how the management of communication on social networks can strengthen or support the deployment of luxury brands in infinite time, thanks to a process of de-temporalization which consists in a juxtaposition of the regimes of historicity (passeism, presentism and futurism) on the various communication media and/or in successive Instagram publications.

• Managerial/societal implications

The recommendations proposed to managers relate, on the one hand, to respecting the consistency of the brands’ discourse without being repetitive across the different communication media and, on the other hand, to the construction of an infinite temporality through the process of de-temporalization and the juxtaposition of temporalities.

• Originality

The originality of the article lies in the use of the philosophical approach to time and the regimes of historicity as well as the implementation of a semiotic methodology.


Source: Décisions Marketing