The Fashion Forecasters: A Hidden History of Color and Trend Prediction

The fashion business has been collecting and analyzing information about colors, fabrics, silhouettes, and styles since the 18th century - activities that have long been shrouded in mystery. The Fashion Forecasters is the first book to reveal the hidden history of color and trend forecasting and to explore its relevance to the fashion business of the past two centuries. It sheds light on trend forecasting in the industrial era, the profession's maturation during the modernist moment of the 20th century, and its continued importance in today's digital fast-fashion culture.

Based on in-depth archival research and oral history interviews, The Fashion Forecasters examines the entrepreneurs, service companies, and consultants that have worked behind the scenes to connect designers and retailers to emerging fashion trends in Europe, North America, and Asia. Here you will read about the trend studios, color experts, and international trade fairs that formalized the prediction process in the modern era, and hear the voices of leading contemporary practitioners at international forecasting companies such as the Doneger Group in New York and WGSN in London. Probing the inner workings of the global fashion system, The Fashion Forecasters blends history, biography, and ethnography into a highly readable cultural narrative.


1. Beyond the Crystal Ball: The Rationale Behind Color and Trend Forecasting

Part I: When Paris Led and America Followed

2. The Rise of Color Forecasting in the United States and Great Britain

3. Tobé Coller Davis: A Career in Fashion Forecasting in America

Part II: Going International

4. From Window Dresser to Fashion Forecaster: David Wolfe of the Doneger Group Tells How He Got Started in Trends

5. What Do Baby Boomers Want? How the Swinging Sixties Became the Trending Seventies

6. The View from Paris: Nelly Rodi and the Early Days of French Trend Forecasting

7. Fibers, Feathers, and the Future: Ornella Bignami on the Importance of Materials

8. Fashion Prediction and the Transformation of the Japanese Textile Industry: The Role of Kentaro Kawasaki, 1950–1980

9. Interstoff's Fashion Table: The Internalization of Fashion Forecasting at the World's Most Important Fashion Fabric Fair

Ben Wubs

10. The Role of the Pitti Uomo Trade Fair in the Menswear Fashion Industry

Part III: The Digital Imperative

11. Looking Behind the Scenes of Swedish Fashion Forecasting

12. Trending Online: Valerie Wilson Trower Discusses Stylesight in the Asia Pacific Region

13. Fast Fashion, Fast Futures: Catronia McNab on WGSN and the Global Digital World

Part IV: Conclusion

14. Fashion Futures


Source : Bloomsbury

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