The Role of Business Models for New Technology-Based Ventures

In the process of development of new technology-based ventures, the crucial role belongs to establishing an effective and efficient business model to deploy the focal technology in a sustainable way. As such, it becomes clear that the business model design and testing/validation becomes the essential part of the implementation process; yet, so far, the topic of the business model in the context of new technology-based ventures has received insufficient attention.

Drawing on the basic theoretical and empirical insights from entrepreneurship and strategy research, it is important to scrutinize a firm’s business model within the new technology-based venture context, including its relatedness and distinction from strategy, technology, and innovation. It is key to know the most frequently occurring problems with new ventures’ business models that hinder their development, paying particular attention to ways of preventing and dealing with such problems.

The development of a conceptual framework for challenges related to business models for new technology-based ventures is worth illustrating and corroborating with the practical cases of technology firms.

Source: Adapted from Springer